Dallas, a City ‘Which Cherishes Capitalism and Philanthropy in Equal Measure’

So says the Wall Street Journal, in a piece on the Perot Museum titled “How Dallas Does Philanthropy,” written by sometime D Magazine contributor Willard Spiegelman:

Other local industries and philanthropists made up the rest of the total $185 million cost. The major donors’ list in the entry hall reads like a Who’s Who of Dallas’s elite business leaders and corporations: The more-than-$5-million crowd includes names like Clements, Dell (OK, he’s really an Austinite), Hill, Hoglund, Hunt, Jones (think “Cowboys”), Meadows, McDermott, Moody, Pickens, Rees-Jones, Rose, Texas Instruments, plus a $10-million challenge grant from an anonymous donor. Anonymous donors are scarce in these parts.