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Cullum to Arty Types: ‘Let’s Buy Museum Tower!’

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Lee Cullum, the TV commentator and syndicated columnist, offered a proposal to the big crowd that was gathered at the Hilton Anatole for today’s 35th Annual TACA Silver Cup Award Luncheon.

“You’ve all heard the biblical admonition to sell all that you own and give it to the poor,” Cullum told the arts supporters.

“Well, I believe we should sell all that we have and buy Museum Tower. Then we could solve the glare problem. … We could turn [the building] over to TACA, and they could sell the units. It could be a big success. TACA could make money. … I think it’s a great idea.”

Not sure how the two people at our table who own a Museum Tower unit felt about Cullum’s brainstorm. But the audience in general reacted with laughter and applause.