Cullum to Arty Types: ‘Let’s Buy Museum Tower!’

Lee Cullum, the TV commentator and syndicated columnist, offered a proposal to the big crowd that was gathered at the Hilton Anatole for today’s 35th Annual TACA Silver Cup Award Luncheon.

“You’ve all heard the biblical admonition to sell all that you own and give it to the poor,” Cullum told the arts supporters.

“Well, I believe we should sell all that we have and buy Museum Tower. Then we could solve the glare problem. … We could turn [the building] over to TACA, and they could sell the units. It could be a big success. TACA could make money. … I think it’s a great idea.”

Not sure how the two people at our table who own a Museum Tower unit felt about Cullum’s brainstorm. But the audience in general reacted with laughter and applause.


  • mremanne

    I love Lee, but even TAKA couldn’t fix MuTo.

  • Witty

    You know, only a person with such great inherited wealth and an appetite for arrogance would continue to speak without ever asking, can I first learn something before rendering my unwavering and un-educated opinion?

    Science proves the Del Monte solution can’t work safely where Dallas experiences wind velocities that exceed the engineering specs of his proposal. And didn’t the Nasher’s architect just point his sun screen lens in the direction of someone else’s property? I thought Texans had a greater respect for another man’s land?

    The Nasher Museuem’s architects aren’t dumb, their just arrogant.

    So, Lee, you want to take control , go visit the sales center and buy the building. Then you can be one of the first to live in the heart of the arts district and you can even rename MT to Cullum Tower? Has a nice ring to it. Or we could call it Tom Thumb tower?

  • Lady who lunched

    As an audience member of the TACA luncheon, I enjoyed Lee Cullum immensely. She is never one to shy away from her opinions and I admire that about her. I was not one who laughed at the Museum Tower comment — I thought it was divisive and out of tune from the otherwise positive notes of the luncheon.

  • Brett Moore

    “The Nasher Museuem’s architects aren’t dumb, their just arrogant.”

    Thanks for the giggle, MT PR Person.