Cowboys Want Tony Romo to Sign Long-term Deal

Cowboys EVP Stephen Jones said Tuesday that he’d like to lock up Tony Romo for a long-term deal, and that the quarterback is “a great partner.” From ESPN:

“Tony is a key piece of what we’re about going forward,” Jones said Tuesday. “We’re certainly going to be looking at his situation (in) time. We’ve historically (extended contracts) with quarterbacks for the Dallas Cowboys ahead of time. We did it with Troy (Aikman) and we certainly want to look at that with Tony so we can all move forward in terms of how we want to play around our salary cap with our team. Tony is the key piece in terms of how your cap is represented.”

Romo is in the last year of his deal, and is owed $11.5 million in 2013. Troy Aikman also stuck up for the embattled QB Wednesday, saying he believes Romo can lead the team to a Super Bowl. “He’s a special player,” he told The Fan. “Unfortunately, not enough people recognize that.”

Like I’ve said before, average at best.


  • Mike

    Funny, I read the last line as: Tony is the key piece in terms of how your cRap is represented

  • sendittojeff

    Well The Cowboys may want Tony Romo to sign an new Contract but I wish he would just get the heck out of Big D so Jerry would be forced to bring in someone that can get the ball passed the 20 yard line. Romo may have all the right numbers but he has a habit of disappointing the fans when he plays. So on that note I scream, NEXT!!!!