Bedford Rep’s Chief of Staff Raked For Racist, Homophobic Writing

Tony McDonald. Source: Facebook
Tony McDonald. Source: Facebook

Over on Burnt Orange Report today, there’s a quick piece on Tony McDonald, the chief of staff for State Rep. Jonathan Stickland, of Bedford. In it, McDonald is taken to task for a history of racist, homophobic writing. Let’s tackle the racism first. From a 2008 blog post: “Where are literacy tests when we need them? Seriously — I don’t think it is a virtue to take the serially uninformed to the polls just so they’ll cast a vote for your demagogue candidate.”

That post, from McDonald’s personal blog, has since been removed. BOR then makes the move to homophobia:

“Homosexuals” love to compalin about how they are an opressed group, who just wants peace and tolerance, and love, and ranbows [sic] … The reality is that they have a sickness, and that it corrupts their moral beings. This manifests its self not only in their horribly self-destructive tendencies, but certainly carries out into their view of others as well. The worst thing we can do for them, if we care at all about their well-being or the well being of our society is to encourage their destructive, depraved, and deadly behavior. By doing so we only encourage them to destroy themselves, and to continue on trying to destroy the society around them.

That post — entitled “Sodomites Expose Themselves” — has also been removed from McDonald’s blog. The BOR piece said McDonald “displays a disgusting history of promoting bigoted viewpoints that speak to the lowest common denominator of humanity.” McDonald commented on the post, too:

Might as well have titled it “Conservative state rep’s conservative chief of staff does and says hilariously awesome conservative things.”



  • Neal K

    Wow. Obnoxious comments made several years ago by a guy no one has ever heard of who is chief of staff to a state rep no one has ever heard of. The world is truly falling apart. How can we go on?

    • joethepleb

      Actually Neal that last comment was made today….

  • gimmethewooby

    Looks like he’s taken all blog posts down.

  • Edward

    @Neal – Just because no one has heard of a state rep doesn’t mean that state rep can’t do damage as an elected official.

  • Heb

    What’s racist is to assume that the “serially uninformed” are all black.

  • Steve Zimmerman

    He’s lucky there isn’t a literacy test for blogspot accounts.

  • Wylie H Dallas

    Although literacy tests have historically been used as one of many tools to discourage minority voting, there is nothing inherently racist about the idea itself. Indeed, one can support the idea that a minimum level of education or knowledge should be required to weigh in on important self governance issues without being a racist.

  • Wylie H Dallas

    The homosexual related posts are, however, patently offensive.

  • Chris

    If you think that’s homophobic, take a look at some of the posts and comments on TAC.

    • joethepleb

      what is tac?

  • joethepleb

    It doesn’t take a giant leap to realize the “demographic” he is speaking of during the 2008 presidential election.