A Lesson About Words and Journalism and Stuff

True story: in circa 1992, I had a meeting with Gregory Curtis, who was the editor of Texas Monthly. I was 22 years old and fresh out of college. The meeting went down in Curtis’ office. He was a boxer (probably still is) and was wearing a gray t-shirt that said something about boxing on it. Despite his attire, he had an aloof, magisterial air about him that made it difficult for me to find words in my brain and to say them with my mouth in the right order. I don’t remember the content of our conversation except for one question he posed: “What is the difference between a newspaper and a magazine?” Whatever my idiotic answer was, the meeting ended shortly after I stammered through it.

Long setup for the following: last week we published a story I wrote about the resurgence of restaurants in East Dallas led by the little strip on Peavy Road that includes Good 2 Go, Goodfriend, and 20 Feet. Today, the Morning News has the same story (paywall). If you’re interested, read them both. That’s the difference.


  • Mccarthur

    True story… Mr. Rodger is still angling for a job at TexMo and stammers when he talks with their editors and staff. Except this time it’s through teasing, yet always respectful Tweets. Too bad Jake isn’t going anywhere in the near future.