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Zac Crain Pulls the Curtain Back on a Troy Aikman Broadcast

By Tim Rogers |

No doubt you read Zac’s cover story on Troy Aikman. In the course of his reporting, he sat in the booth with Aikman and Joe Buck for an entire broadcast, taking notes the whole time. He had a lot of material from that game, and a bunch of it was left on the editing room floor. So Zac did what every smart writer does: he swept the floor and put all that material in a box. Then he took that box home with him, and he put it next to his couch. And every night, before he went to sleep on that couch (around 3 a.m., after watching Step Up for the umpteenth time), he looked at that box and said, “I really should write ‘basura’ on that box and take it to the curb.” Except then one day the folks from SB Nation reached out to him and said, “We’d like you to write a story for us about Tre Newton, Nate’s son, the one who walked away from UT football after one too many concussions.” And Zac said, “I can’t do that. But I’ll tell you what I can do. I can write you a hell of a behind-the-scenes story about what happens in the booth when Troy and Buck are doing their thing.”

Pow! I suggest you read that story. It’s good stuff.