• annie

    i don’t think the gym costs $200, but guessing the personal training brings it to that cost?

    • ernest t bass

      That, and the privilege to graze the back 40.

  • gymrat

    this is completely ridiculous. she should have been flattered, as i doubt that any man has tried to watch this homely gal’s chest move in a long time! #russianfinish?

    or perhaps the trainer(s) were simply chubby chasers.

    or, from the look of her dress, she’s looking for a way to earn some extra bucks. @dressforlessandlookthatway

  • Jon Hubach

    I use to be a member of Plano’s LA Fitness. I never paid $200. It also was never that sexy. Sounds like she pulled something during spin class that impacts her smart parts.

  • Haretip

    Between my monthly membership fee and my personal trainer, I am over $300 a month, at an LA Fitness.

    • BradfordPearson

      Holy smokes, really? Dang.

  • StellsBells10

    I go to a cheaper gym (24 hour) and if I did personal training, you get (I think) 3 sessions for $99 so that plus my membership could easily add up to over $200 if you met only once a week.

  • Wylie H.

    Tempted to say many, many things…. but must not….

  • Pamala Czajkowski

    I totally agree to annie average gym costs $40-70, i was going to Anthony Bloomfield gym in Sydney area,
    it was quite reasonable..
    if you want to check out the costs of gym then go to :-