What You Should Watch Tonight: The Revisionaries

When I suggested on Twitter today that people watch The Revisionaries tonight on KERA at 10, a friend of mine asked why I wanted him to break his TV. Yes, the documentary about the wacky Texas School Board of Education will drive you insane because it’s hard to believe that people who think dinosaurs were on Noah’s Ark actually get to decide what schoolkids learn. I’ll suggest to you what I suggested to him: have your crew lash you to the mainmast like Odysseus did so that when the Sirens tempt you to break your TV, you won’t be able. And lest you think I have strayed from the mission of this blog by bringing up a statewide issue that doesn’t strictly pertain to Dallas, I will point out that the documentary was edited by noted St. Mark’s alum Jawad Metni, who was also on Noah’s Ark.


  • sooieeehog

    Another local tie: SMU’s own Mark Chancey is all up in this topic.

  • Deborah Infante

    “For anyone that cares about the future of public education.”-The Dallas Morning News