Tree Blockade Temporarily Halts Keystone Construction in East Texas

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The Observer‘s cover story this week, written by the unbelievably handsome, tall, and single Brantley Hargrove, is about the Keystone XL pipeline, the stuck craw of, well, just about everyone. A few fellas in East Texas have now climbed into a tree in an attempt to peacefully stop the pipeline’s construction; the video above is a live feed. For more info, head to Tar Sands Blockade.


  • B. Melton

    Keystone pipeline is nearing another vote. Most in Congress are claiming this is all about jobs. Let’s see – U.S. steel? Nope – India. U.S. oil? Nope – Canadian to ship off to elsewhere. U.S. lawyers? Nope – Canadian corporation (owned in part by Koch), so it’ll be immune from damage claims from leakage. Hmm. Oh – wait! Emergency fire and rescue personnel? News teams to cover spills? Hazardous spills clean up crews? Welders to fix the leaky pipes? Environmental mitigation teams to assess ecological damage? Realtors and movers to relocate people to safer areas when leaks occur? Okay – ya got me. That’ll be a lot of jobs…