Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: Jan. 31

Just an excuse to post this.

There are at least two other people in this office who will back me up on this, but Drumline is a fantastic movie. A great movie. One of the best, perhaps.

We all received the AT&T Performing Arts Center calendar months ago, so I’ve been pretty excited for tonight’s event for awhile. Pretty excited is probably an understatement. Drumline Live offers all the excitement of a college halftime show without the actual football game. (This is good news for some people, obviously, definitely not me.) For those worried about keeping canon with the original Cannon (boom), the folks behind this national tour are the same people behind the movie, and the stage show features the best of marching band traditions from historically black colleges and universities across the United States. There’s even a pair of orchestra seats left, and if you hop over to FrontRow, we’ve got a last minute pair of tickets to give away.

Also this evening, since the Sound City documentary screening at the Magnolia is sadly sold out, may I recommend Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo over at Theatre Three? Playwright Rajiv Joseph is having quite the year here, what with this production of his play and a commission from the Dallas Theater Center set to debut later in the season. This is exciting, but surely nothing can be more exciting than the idea of a wild beast stalking the streets of a newly invaded Baghdad. In Joseph’s darkly funny play (a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize), the tiger, played by comedian Robin Williams on Broadway, searches for the meaning of life amid the rubble and corruption. Bonus: this play was the subject of our Broducers column over on FrontRow, and our guest bro reviewer, Paul Ramon, is hilarious. Thanks, Paul. My go to for dinner over there in the Quadrangle is Dream Cafe, because plenty of the servers are actors and they do brisk pre-theater service.

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