Things to Do in Dallas Tonight: Jan. 15

Snow day! Granted, not exactly blizzard-like conditions in downtown Dallas. (photo: Tim Rogers)

It’s a snow day, people. Of course, it was more of a slight drizzling of frozen water in the wee hours of the morning than anything else, and it’s steadily melting away as I type this, but you really just have to take what you can get in Texas. So for all intents and purposes, we can call it a snow day and continue to act extremely fearful while driving, even though the roads are completely fine (albeit, wet). People from the Midwest will mock us for suffering paralysis at the sight of frozen precipitation, but whatever. Snow in Texas is like sunshine in Seattle – we can’t be expected act normally under these unusual circumstances.

I’m not going to lie: it’s a pretty slow Tuesday so there’s not much in the way of exciting outings tonight. That doesn’t mean you have to skip out on good food. Nothing’s better on icy days than soup, so I’m recommending a bowl of the avocado from La Luna de Noche because it just so happens to be my favorite. If you’re not a big fan of avocado (you probably can’t sit at my lunch table then), the xochityl soup with chicken, tortilla strips, and jalepenos is also to die for.

One happening I can recommend is the opening day of Ed Ruscha’s latest exhibit, Made in California, over at the Amon Carter Museum. Ruscha’s paintings and photographs are inspired by the signs, backdrops, and rural landscapes of the Western United States. This particular collection showcases California as his muse with lithographs of words and signs against endless backdrops that create a sense of infinite possibility.

Also, FrontRow’s doing a giveaway today for tickets to WaterTower Theatre’s Putting It Together, a musical homage to acclaimed composer Stephen Sondheim, so make sure you enter for a chance to win. Winners will be chosen by 3 p.m. this afternoon.

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Iris Zubair is a intern who’s been covering for vacationing events editor Liz Johnstone. As far as we know, Liz will be back tomorrow and will once again be available to answer all of your Hobbit-related queries.