Things to Do in Dallas Tonight: Jan. 14

“My penguin days, when I was green in judgment, cold in blood.” – Happy Feet Three, William Shakespeare (photo: Flickr user pquan)

Don’t let that incessant Bangles’ song get stuck in your head today (even though I secretly kind of like it). Instead, you can focus your positive energy on these manic Monday night offerings.

Tonight is the last chance for Shakespeare Dallas’ The Winter’s Tale in the cozy atmosphere of the Winspear’s Hamon Hall. This staged reading is latest in an ambitious plan to present all of the Bard’s works over a five-year span, and it includes oddly fantastical elements like clowns, bears, and babies (oh, my). Another perk of this show is the pay-what-you-can offer at the door tonight, which is always a nice touch.

But if you’re thinking your brain will be too fried by the end of the day to take in Shakespearean dialogue, there’s a new exhibit at Craighead Green that might peak your interest. It features photographer Kendra North, painter Krista Harris, and sculptor Kevin Box in a showcase of fluid, abstract, and versatile works. I’m especially intrigued by Box’s sculptures, which paradoxically show the delicacy of paper through the toughness of metal.

And if you can bear the mid-30 degree temperatures we’ll be facing tonight, admission to the Dallas Zoo is only five bucks for their Penguin Days. I think the idea here is that all the cute animals will somehow make you feel warm and fuzzy enough inside to distract you from the unforgiving whiplash of ice cold wind. One can hope, I suppose.

For more to do tonight, check out our events.

Iris Zubair is a intern filling in for Liz Johnstone, who is on vacation, probably taking a break so she can devote more time to her Veronica Mars fan fiction.


  • Jackson

    Speaking of that catchy Bangles’ song “Manic Monday,” many are unaware that it was written by Prince.