Things to Do in Dallas This Weekend: Jan. 11-13

Nobody leaves without singing the blues.

We’re a couple of weeks into 2013, and I hope you’ve been able to keep on top of your resolutions. Especially if they include the daunting tasks of working out and eating healthier. It’s always interesting how busy the gym gets in the beginning of January, but I’m curious to see how this coming week is going to fare. I’m predicting far more available parking spaces.


If you’re in the mood to laugh, head over to The Texas Theatre tonight, where local booking group Parade of Flesh has brought together Tim Heidecker (The Comedy) and Neil Hamburger (an eccentric character played by Gregg Turkington) for a night of comedic genius. Also along for the ride is DJ Douggpound, who is not only a fitting third addition to the night, but has also somehow revived Devo’s incessant “Whip It” one-hit wonder into a more modernized version, entitled “Pound It.” I’ve never been a fan of Devo, but Douggpound’s take on their style strangely verges on the edge of cool.

Switching gears to a more serious occasion, this year will mark the 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination in Dallas. To honor his lasting legacy, broadcast journalist Charlie Rose is sitting down with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Rory Kennedy (two of Bobby Kennedy’s 11 children) at the Winspear tonight for a discussion of their family legacy in our country’s political history.


I’m a big advocate of museum-hopping on the weekends, especially when there always seem to be a multitude of worthwhile exhibits to check out. One that I’m particularly thrilled to see is by the ever-talented Letitia Huckaby, whose Bygone showcase recently opened at Kirk Hopper Fine Art. Her collection represents days past through sentimental elements of tradition, family, and resourcefulness. Peter Simek wrote a stellar review of Huckaby that sums up what makes her aesthetic so memorable.

Later on, head to House of Blues so you can check off your bucket list the chance to see blues icon B.B. King perform. It’s not often we can consider a musician a true legend, but in the case of King, the term is practically synonymous with his name. Tickets are still up for grabs for this one, however pricey they may be.


You know what Sundays are good for? Catching up on a movie you say you’re going to watch in theaters but never end up seeing. That’s why I’m recommending a showing of Zero Dark Thirty at the Angelika, which got an encouraging review from Peter on FrontRow. Even if war movies aren’t your thing (they’re definitely not mine), it could be interesting to do some personal research on the Oscar nominations this year, where Zero Dark Thirty is up for Best Picture and Jessica Chastain got a nod for Best Actress in a Leading Role.

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Iris Zubair is a intern filling in for vacationing events editor Liz Johnstone, who is currently in New York and missing out on our lovely 70-degree January weather. It’s 44 degrees in New York right now.