• mremanne

    I suspect those trees were the victims of decease or pollution. Unless th’ MuTo bought a giant magnifying glass!

  • Bruce

    Paint them silver. It will mimic FW MOMA

  • Cathy

    I actually saw the Nasher’s gardeners pruning these poor trees.

  • Alexander Muse

    Some landscape folks think this is the way to prune a crape myrtle. When I did, SOOOOO many people sent me emails suggesting I was doing it wrong I researched it. This is the WRONG way to do it. But it looks nice the next year.

  • dkv

    This style of pruning is called crape murder.

  • queuno

    Sssh. Don’t tell anyone in the suburbs.

  • Lee Chevalier

    If only the glare would lop off the thousands of other crap myrtles Dallasites seem to pass for trees…

  • Anne Armstrong

    I don’t think those are crepe myrtles. I think they’re vitex trees. Even then I don’t think that’s proper pruning. Neil Sperry calls it “topping” a tree. And, if that isn’t the way to prune a vitex, they won’t look better next year. The branches that grow back will the thin and spindly, and more susceptible to disease. Considering the Nasher points out the landscape damage done by MT, I think they need someone who knows what they’re doing with those trees.