• mynameisbill

    He could be our(wait a sec, i’ve got this huge lump of disgust just sitting there in my throat…..haaaapoooey! There, I think I got it out) next governor of this fine state. 🙁

  • gimmethewooby

    When you don’t believe in something in the first place, all the facts in the world still can’t make it true. The only question left is whether he truly believes what he Tweets, or is it to gain support from the sheeple and/or draw the rest of us off sides?

  • Brent Dudenhoeffer

    Anyone tweeting about global warming obviously hasn’t given it much thought.

  • Steve Zimmerman

    Stupid people can get stupider people to vote for them by saying stupid things. It works!

  • Paul

    General Abbott isn’t stupid, he’s like a lot other Texans- All he needs to do is look at the assortment of financially interested scientists, corporations and “green” activists shoving this down our throats to be skeptical. Even if you assume its happening, no plan short of taking us back to the stone age will stop it, so why not just adapt?

  • Dubious Brother

    Whenever I see the global warming discussion continue on and on it takes me back to my younger days when the threat to this planet was global cooling which was a frightening thing to me having survived the nasty winters up north. Here is a little Newsweek story about the “threat” to all of mankind from 1975.

  • Glenn

    Come on, Dubious. The last thing we want to hear about here is context and history.