Survival of the Cutest: Why is Dallas so Crazy About Bulldogs? And Foreign Bulldogs Especially?

Butterbean, a French bulldog puppy from the town of Aubrey, didn’t quite make the cut this year, but could be a top prospect for future tournaments.

It was a difficult task, narrowing the hundreds of dogs nominated to participate in our Survival of the Cutest tournament (remember, you can vote once a day for your favorites) down to just 32 competitors.

I learned a lot about dog owners by looking through the thousands of photographs that we received for consideration.

1) A lot of people love to dress up their dogs, especially in tuxedos for some reason.

2) A lot of people like to refer to their dogs as their “children.”

3) A lot of people in Dallas have bulldogs. Or, at the least, a lot of people in Dallas inclined to enter their dogs in a cutest pet competition have bulldogs.

Of the 605 dogs entered, 53 of them were bulldogs. And when it comes to bulldogs, the people of North Texas are still subjects of the yoke of colonialism. Only six of those 53 bulldogs are American. Twenty-four of them are English, and 23 are French. (Two bulldogs made the tournament field: London and Topaz.)

The other most popular breeds, with the number of Survival of the Cutest entries received for each:

Bulldog (53)

Chihuahua (38)

Yorkshire Terrier  (31)

Pomeranian   (28)

Shih Tzu   (19)



  • mdunlap1

    How on earth did Butterbean miss the cut?

    • JSSS

      Having Sarah Jessica Parker in the picture probably didn’t help.