Survival of the Cutest: The Dogs of D, Round #3

Jas Robertson’s Tauntaun

Because it never gets old looking at the precious faces of cute dogs, here’s another round of furry D family members. We’re on the second level of the Survival of the Cutest dog contest, and your vote matters. Who will win this round? Cleo, the fluffy pomeranian, or London, the wrinkly English bulldog? It’s a tough decision. In the meantime, jump to see some sweet D doggies.

Clockwise from top: Melissa Chowning’s Maisey, Christine Perez’s Schultzie, Chuck Cox’s Gabby, Caroline Snabes’ Binkley, Clarke Dvoskin’s Ginny, and  Hayley Hamilton’s Yoda.


  • Gary Cogill

    Yoda Hamilton can play the drums and is a semi-professional hypnotist.