SMU Coach Larry Brown: ‘The Games Are Tough’

ESPN’s Mike and Mike in the Morning had SMU head basketball coach Larry Brown on this morning to talk Lakers basketball (what else?). Before they got to what they actually wanted to talk about, they asked Brown about his day job. It took up about 30 seconds of the eight-minute segment:

I enjoy practice, I enjoy being around the students and the school. Games are tough…We inherited a team that didn’t have many players, and we lost one of our top recruits to a shoulder injury. We’re kind of having trouble closing out games, but, uh, it’s a great experience and I’m pretty confident we’re gonna get pretty good real quickly.

Tell me. If you were a prospective SMU recruit or, heck, a current player, would that inspire any confidence in you whatsoever?


  • DuckDuckGoose

    A prospective recruit who believes that Larry Brown will be around for 4 more years deserves what he gets. SMU is a great school, kids can get a wonderful education there, and for an athlete with brains, they can make business contacts galore. If any of them feel they are destined for the ‘next level’ and don’t need to pay attention to their college education and experience, once again, they deserve what they get.

  • Jonathan Hancock

    He’s being honest about the current situation. His honesty is what attracted our ridiculous recruting class coming in. You obviously have no insight to the program and picked this up because he was on a national radio show. Our top 3 players are sitting on the bench due to transfer rules and the top JUCO player in the nation will be here next year. Do some research…

  • Francis

    Much ado about nothing. Brown has rarely stayed in one place for more than a couple of years. I cannot imagine his response would shock his players, recruits or the University.