Only Two Percent of Republicans — But 100 Percent of D Magazine Editors — Favor a Perry 2016 Run

“Two percent? I’ll take it.” Photo: Gage Skidmore

Rick Perry is currently running last in a group of Republican candidates interested in the 2016 Presidential race, Public Policy Polling reported yesterday. Marco Rubio led the field with 21 percent, followed by Paul Ryan (16 percent), Mike Huckabee (15 percent) Chris Christie and Jeb Bush (14 percent), Rand Paul (5 percent), Bobby Jindal (3 percent), and Susana Martinez (2 percent), who, yeah, I had to look up.

Perry had the highest unfavorable rating among the possible candidates, at 52 percent. Democratic frontrunners included Hilary Clinton (57 percent) and Joe Biden (16 percent); Clinton and Biden were the only two to poll in double-digits.


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    I sure hope Rick Perry, Chris Christie, Elizabeth Warren, Al Sharpton, and Biden run; wouldn’t miss a debate.