Oklahoma State Student Trying to Convince T. Boone Pickens to Pay For His College Tuition

It started out with a kiss:

And ended up like this:

Seth Samuelson is a freshman at Oklahoma State, and, judging by his Twitter feed enjoys the following: football, baseball, girls?, using the #badpickupline hashtag, and trying to convince T. Boone Pickens to pay his tuition. It started out on a whim, it seems, and has progressed to full-on attack mode. In between the two tweets you see above, Samuelson tweeted at Pickens at least 30 times regarding the proposal, which, until yesterday, drew no response. In those tweets he’s cited: Shawshank Redemption‘s Andy Dufresne, Bane from The Dark Knight Rises, and a willingness to vote Republican for the cash.

He’s now trying to set up a meeting with Pickens:

Godspeed, brother.


  • don adams from bartlesville

    would not touch this with a 10 ft pole – pickens will own his children and their’s…..