NorthPark Launches Canada Appreciation Month Promotion, Question Mark Exclamation Point

This email just hit a few of our desks at 750 N. St. Paul Street, and we thought we’d share:

In recognizing  the economic significance of the Canadian leisure traveler to Texas, NorthPark Center, North Texas’ premier shopping destination, is pleased to present Canada Appreciation Month in February.   NorthPark Center kicks off Canada Appreciation Month with a special event on Friday, February 1 at 10 am with remarks by Frank Carrico, Commercial Consul with the U.S. Consulate General, luxury fashions from NorthPark Center, performances by international disco legend France Joli of Canada, and the raising of the Canadian flag in SouthCourt, located between Neiman Marcus and Dillard’s.

Each year, more than 400,000 Canadian travelers travel to the Dallas / Fort Worth region, and generate almost $350 million in visitor spending. Canadians represent the second most popular International visitor to Texas, and that number has been steadily increasing every year.

Zac, Michael J., and I thought about the last part – $350 million, almost $1 million a day – for a few minutes, and came up with a few ways that number could possibly be true:

1. it counts every flight from Canada into DFW, including layovers
2. Michael J. Fox just spent all that Spin City money here
3. Crown Royal sales are included
4. something about hockey


  • Eric Celeste

    Isn’t the Canadian Consulate, like, two floors down? Can’t you stop by and ask them on your way to wait 40 minutes for a Pearl Cup latte?

    • Jason Heid

      They moved out a couple years ago. We’d have to walk a block to ask them now.

  • John

    It is so much easier to be a snarky ass on Frontburner than to actually do simple math. If each of the 400 thousand visitors spends on average 875 dollars it equals 350 Million.

    • Fake Guy LaFluer

      Canada is my favorite of our 50 states. I love when they wear those funny red uniforms and hats.

  • Bonnie Duvet Caruth

    Cheers to North Park for helping build our economy! Having worked in retail my whole life in DFW I can tell you Canadian’s spend a TON. 350 million sounds more than accurate. I support this promotion and It’s a sad shame and disgrace if D Magazine doesn’t!

  • Wick Allison

    This strikes me as a kind of revival of the Neiman-Marcus Fortnight, which celebrated a different nation every two years. It’s a splendid idea. So, dear Bonnie, that means D Magazine does indeed support it, worthless snark, no Canadian consultate, and all.