Mayor Mike Rawlings Announces Strategy to Combat Violent Crime

Or at least that’s what he’s supposed to announce, at 1:30. From an email to media Friday afternoon:

After the incident in Newtown and the rise in violent offenses in our community, especially domestic violence, Mayor Mike Rawlings announces plans for a strategy to reflect on our community’s role in dealing with these issues.

So, we’ll see. The video above will carry the press conference live. Right now it’s an old video of Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Tennell Atkins talking about MegaFest, if that’s something that may interest you.


  • BenS.

    I wonder why Dallas does not participate in programs like Project Childsafe which distributes free gun locks to anyone who wants them. The city of Dallas will install smoke detectors in your home, free cooling fans and in some cases even air conditioners. Why not cable gun locks.

    So many of these violent crimes in Dallas involve stolen guns. While I realize that a proper gun safe is cost prohibitive, a simple cable lock through the breech of a firearm($2) and attached to a bed frame or sturdy plumbing would deter the common burglars that steal guns. Every free food giveaway, toys for tots, Mayor’s back to school day, they should have a table full of free gun cable locks.

    Over the last several weeks I have witnessed the disturbing trend in the media of trying to shame firearm owners. To make them feel dirty. That’s unfair. If you want to change the conversation, make it one where you shame firearm owners for not having their guns locked up 24/7/365. I’m a firm believer in the Second Amendment. With that right comes the burden of extreme responsibility.

  • tested

    Mayor Mike seemed pretty uncomfortable during this entire talk. Very poorly done speech.