Longtime WBAP Host Dick Siegel Has Died

Note to family: make me one of these when I die. Source: WBAP

From WBAP:

One half of the legendary “Hal and Dick” team on WBAP has passed away.  Earlier today he suffered a heart attack and died.

Recently Dick had been hosting a morning oldies show on KLDE 104.9FM in Eldorado, TX.

Dick Siegel was Hal Jay’s on-air partner from 1981 until 2003.  While providing traffic information from his helicopter, Dick was part of the popular “Sam From Sales” comedy bits that aired for many years on the station.


  • i remember

    Good night Dick Yawes and Dick Siegel, whereever you are. No more buying cars and houses and giving them to women……

  • John Nunn

    you were awesome sir. you taught me how to laugh..

  • Jerry

    He’ll be missed, he died doing what he loved best, Just glad I phoned him last week and had a nice visit before he left to go to work at the radio station he was working at.

  • Jess Baird

    A great guy who loved neon almost as much as I did…………R.I.P. ol’ friend