Leading Off (1/8/13)

Burglars Rob Special Needs Center. There’s a reserved place in hell for the people who robbed a special needs learning center three times in the past month. Among other things, the thieves took an iPad a 7-year-old with multiple birth defects used.

Rockwall Man Purchased a Winning Lottery Ticket Worth $2 Million. And he purchased the ticket on Christmas day. Now everyone wants to purchase a ticket from the same 7-Eleven, which, according to the news report, has a sweet owner who’s genuinely happy for his regular who just won a lot of money. The man doesn’t plan to use the money to retire. But he does plan to take a few vacations.

The Hottest Bachelor EVER Is From Dallas. Our wonderful Laura Kostelny will be along a bit later on FrontRow to break down the first episode of Dallas Bachelor Sean’s premiere. I texted her last night around 11:30. She was still processing the show. I watched it after talking to her. I will never be able to process it.