Leading Off (1/7/13)

Southlake Carroll Students Dead After Night of Drugs, Alcohol: Two Southlake Carroll students may have survived Friday night had Cullen Marino, a 22-year-old who found them unconscious after drinking and taking drugs, sought immediate assistance. Instead he moved the boy’s bodies from the living room of his house to the bedroom, where they were found dead the following morning by Marino’s father.

Families Settle Suit Over Violent, Explicit Highland Park Fiction: Remember that seventh grade kid who wrote the book about all his classmates involved in all sorts of nefarious activities (drugs, rape, and the rest)? It’s all been put to rest with a quiet settlement. In short, you’re never going to see that book.

Cleburne Pastor Admits Prior Life as Porn Star: That was the startling revelation New Heart Family Worship Center’s Senior Pastor Claude Gilliland III told his congregation Sunday.


  • David Hopkins

    That explains the pastor’s porn star mustache.

  • Scotty

    1. Terrible news. Don’t do drugs, kids.
    2. Great news, maybe now ET’s parents can afford to stay in the Park Citie$.
    3. Odd news. I believe sinners are we but I don’t need to know that my spiritual advisor was once wacking off to a wurlitzer.

  • Brendan

    He looks like he could use a back massage! (Cue Wurlitzer!)