Leading Off (1/23/13)

Cowboys Player Arrested for DWI. Nose tackle Jay Ratliff was arrested Tuesday after he crashed into a tractor trailer at 12:30 a.m. No one was hurt.

 Irving Mayor Surprised by City Council. It’s got to be just awful to show up to a city council meeting and find that everyone’s turned on you. That’s basically what happened to Irving mayor Beth Van Duyne. She showed up at the City Council meeting expecting the members to vote on her plan regarding alcohol sales, which would keep a 31-year-old law in place but allow some areas to petition to have alcohol as a higher percentage of sales. Instead, the council voted to raise alcohol sales in Las Colinas restaurants to 70 percent of annual sales and 60 percent for the rest of the city.

Adults Have Inappropriate Relationships with Children. So there’s this story about a 34-year-old Arlington Heights High School teacher charged with fondling and indecency with a child. From the Fox 4 report: “According to affidavits, officers found him in a steamy parked car with a female student. They were outside a fitness club in Westworth Village, on the northwest side of Fort Worth.”

And then there’s this story about 25-year-old James Truman Ackley, a University Park United Methodist Church volunteer who had an inappropriate relationship with a child. She was receiving texts late at night, her dad confronted them about it, and during their conversation, Ackley sent an explicit photo. Talk about bad timing.