Leading Off (1/18/13)

Texas Motor Speedway Trying to Lure X Games: “The X Games are really young people’s Olympics,” said Texas Motor Speedway president Eddie Gossage, who apparently just had the X Games explained to him and was showing off his new knowledge. “This is Super Bowl like.” The Speedway is bidding for the 2014, 2015, and 2016 events, and is up against 17 other cities. The CBS article goes on to say that “200 athletes from across the world take part,” which isn’t really that impressive of a number when you think about it.

Rain May Have Caused The Lights to Go Out on Large Marge:  The Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge hasn’t been as brightly illuminated the past few weeks, and Dallas officials have speculated the cause: rain. Weather. A basic, elementary force that bridges — usually set outdoors – should be able to withstand.

Dallas to Prioritize Warrants For Domestic Violence Offenders:  No joke here. Good call.

Okay One More Joke: The headline for this “Fundraiser, vigil in memory of Flower Mound teen who died of flu complications on Saturday at Buffalo Wild Wings” story really makes it sound like this poor kid died of the flu at a Buffalo Wild Wings, which makes a sad story much, much sadder.


  • Wylie H.

    Another issue with the failed lights on the Margaret Hunt Hill bridge—- it appears the only reason the City made an effort to repair them was the story on WFAA, rather than a proactive response by City staff.

  • Dubious Brother

    Did Verizon wire the lights on the bridge?