Leading Off (1/16/13)

Elderly Man Stabbed Friend. The only motive for the stabbing of 73-year-old Harrell Griesenbeck was that he “put a flower on” his friend’s door and was wearing a red hat. The friend, 68-year-old Joe Silva, confessed to the stabbing, but it made little sense to friends and family.

Frisco Restaurant Owner Causes Damage, Then Leaves. Residents in Frisco are asking people to boycott Ernest Ianace’s restaurants because of an incident that occurred on New Year’s Day. Ianace allegedly hit several cars and a fire hydrant, got out of his car, and said, “I can’t be here when the police arrive,” and left. Sources say he told them his insurance would cover all the damages, but nothing has been done a month later. So they’re asking for a boycott of Ianace’s restaurants.

NBC To Consider Show Starring Jessica Simpson as Herself. So. Yeah. That’s happening.

Man Without Hands Creates Art. Read this and have a great Wednesday.


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