Leading Off (1/11/13)

Plan Commission to Reconsider Fracking in February: “A handful of drilling opponents wept after the vote. Others were angry and defiant,” wrote the Morning News‘ Rudy Bush. Nothing like voting for one thing, agreeing to reconsider that thing, and pushing that vote to February. The best part? This will all happen again when the City Council gets the final say.

Randy Travis Charged With August DWI: Reason number 3,427 why I’m not the person in my household who’s an attorney: why does it take five months to charge someone with a DWI?

Attorney General Greg Abbott to Run for Governor: “That’s incredibly surprisingly,” said a man who crawled out of a four-year slumber, devoid of even the most basic knowledge of Texas politics and Twitpics.

Rick Perry Deludes Himself, Attacks New York Governor: Perry said New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, “wouldn’t want to admit that he wanted to be a Texan.” Cuomo laughed, ate a delicious italian sub, followed by a real bagel, washed both down with a Dr. Brown’s Cel-Ray, flipped Perry the bird, and started plotting how he’d beat Perry in an imaginary 2016 presidential race.

Speaking of Which: Perry is currently a 100-1 underdog for the presidency, if you’re a betting wo/man.


  • Jo Bennett

    How long is not only Tx but the country just going to not be responsible about drinking IS the question?Especially if it happens to be someone who is a celebrity..they get a pass….always..the rich…the media darlings///everyone equal under the law?Who is kidding who?

  • mynameisbill

    Governor Cuomo probably doesn’t have a problem being a Texan. I thought it was only a problem for women, kids wanting to learn science, getting a job that paid a living wage and once again with children having medical insurance. Cuomo’s got money……he’d do just fine!

  • Paul

    Since you’re new around here, let me explain something to you. Rick Perry was just saying out loud what every native Texan thinks: who wouldn’t want to be a Texan instead of a New Yorker, Californian or other lesser being?

  • mynameisbill

    You forgot to place the word “delusional” between native and Texan. I know, I know….since i’m ragging on her(or would it be a “him” since we’re Texas and we ain’t no sissies), i’ll see myself out the door.