Kimberly McCarthy Will Not Be Executed Today

As of yesterday, Kimberly McCarthy – the woman scheduled to be executed for the 1997 robbery and murder of her Lancaster neighbor – was barreling ahead. That’s no longer the case, according to WFAA and the Associated Press. State District Judge Larry Mitchell moved the execution of the 51-year-old McCarthy to April 3.

On Monday, McCarthy’s attorneys at the Capital Punishment Clinic sent the following letter to Governor Perry:

McCarthy reprieve by


  • Spectator

    If one has to reference racial discrimination cases going back to the 1940’s and 1951, then I would surmise that things have improved in the choosing of juries.
    If not, then perhaps juries should now be required to cover their faces with paper bags so that the racial make-up of a jury CANNOT be used against the jurors at a later time.
    Or just maybe they should have impaneled a jury of people whom had taken hammers to the heads of their neighbors, so that Ms McCarthy could have been judged by a jury of her peers.