Jerry Jones Says Changes Are Coming, But Probably Not the Ones You Want

Source: Chad Horany

“I can assure our fans this, that it’s going to be very uncomfortable from my standpoint, it’s going to be very uncomfortable for the next few weeks and months at Valley Ranch,” Jerry Jones told his weekly radio audience a bit ago on The Fan.

Cliffs Notes: Garrett is safe-ish, but might not retain offensive play-calling. Rob Ryan’s status is undetermined. And Tony Romo is “a tremendous asset and he’s an asset that’s going to be with the Dallas Cowboys for, as far as I’m concerned, a long time.”

So who does that leave? Dez isn’t going anywhere, and the team likely won’t part with Miles Austin, either. Witten and DeMarco Murray will stay. Felix Jones, I guess? Yes, that’s who will be uncomfortable. Cowboys fans everywhere are breathing a sigh of relief know their backup running back will be gone.

Listen to the segment here, and, oh yeah, Tony Romo is an average-at-best quarterback.


  • Incognizant

    Fish rot from the head. Or so they say.

    Why cannot this man’s ego allow him to step aside and permit a demonstrated expert to handle the football decisions?

    • Aardvark

      Yeah, why cannot?

  • JRR

    You have to wonder why Jerry keeps Romo and Garrett as he has in his Cowboys history fired Tom Landry, Jimmy Johnson and Bill Parcells. Landry and Johnson are hall of famers and I”m sure that Parcells will be inducted soon. Evaluating talent is not one of Jerry’s strong suits. It is all about putting butts in the seats.

  • Sam Merten

    Average at best?

    Romo finished this season fifth in completion percentage, third in yards, sixth in TDs and 10th in passer rating. He’s also fifth all-time in career passer rating, behind only Aaron Rodgers, Steve Young, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning.

    You can criticize him for how he plays in the clutch, but he’s much better than “average at best.”