Jennifer Sprague Steps Down

Speaking of DISD, this NBC 5 story is one of the most insane things I’ve ever seen. They tease the story by saying they talked to Jennifer Sprague exclusively! They promise she’ll explain “the real reason” she stepped down as the district’s communication’s chief. That reason? Sprague says: “Career-wise, Dallas ISD is not the place for me.”

What the what?

First of all, Sprague more than doubled her salary when she moved here from Colorado Springs with Superintendent Mike Miles, who paid her $185,000 without interviewing anyone else for the job. Career-wise, that’s about as awesome as it gets. Career-wise, Jennifer Sprague was sitting in the fabled catbird’s seat. Career-wise, Jennifer Sprague could go to her 20th high school reunion and pretty much rub her job in everyone’s face. Jennifer Sprague’s “real reason” for stepping down shows how bad she is at her job.

Second of all, what’s up with the “I’m just a regular mom making lunch for my kids in my kitchen with granite countertops” treatment that NBC 5 gave her? So odd.

Third of all, Sprague tells a lie so demonstrably false that it’s mind-blowing that the NBC reporter, Kristi Nelson, didn’t call her on it. Sprague says that she made her decision to step down after reflecting on it over the holidays. Yet the news that she was leaving her post broke on December 21.

Fourth of all, read the column Jim Schutze wrote this week. A taste:

There are horrors that we have come to accept as normal and routine in our city. We spend — no, I spend — lots of energy and ink worrying about whether the right public relations person has been hired to speak about the horrors [in DISD]. Maybe we all need to back off a bit and look at the full picture.

For thousands of children who enter the Dallas school system in kindergarten, the system functions as a direct pipeline to prison. I am not saying it is the school system’s fault that those kids wind up going to prison. But they come in one end as babies. They go out the other end as illiterate convicts.


  • jrd

    I think those counter-tops are granite; they aren’t marble.

    • Tim Rogers

      I confess that I did not fact check that. Change made. Thanks, jrd.

  • mynameisbill

    Hey Jennifer, can you meet me over at camera three for a sec? Thanks. DISD was just a bit over your pay-grade, that’s all. Get some more experience, because experience is the key to most things in life……especially when dealing with the public. May you always be safe in your travels which lay ahead.

    mynameisbill 🙂

  • R.IF.’d

    Tim – you’re just mad because you could never prove that Mike is a chubby chaser. Now….. let it go.

  • NotInAustinAnymoreToto

    Doesn’t “holidays” include Thanksgiving? Fluff piece, sure, but it’s a bridge too far to say she blatantly lied.

  • Edward

    It will be interesting.. I mean annoying…. I mean INFURIATING when we learn how much severance she will get.

    If she gets a penny, Miles should be fired – no if’s, and’s or butt’s.

  • Neal K

    No. But either way It was absurd that Kristi Nelson didn’t follow up. Or maybe she didn’t know about the December 21 announcement? After all, it came out the Friday NIGHT before Christmas weekend. That might have been the cleverest thing Jennifer Sprague did in her entire tenure.