In Ryan Romo Case, ‘Truth and Justice Prevailed,’ Attorney Says

A statement by Romo family attorney Mark Senter.

Ryan Romo underwent a four-hour polygraph test, during which no “red flags” were raised, a family attorney told reporters Tuesday afternoon. Romo, 19, was arrested in late October for allegedly raping a 16-year-old classmate in the backseat of his Chevy Tahoe following a concert at the Palladium Ballroom. A grand jury declined to indict Romo on sexual assault charges yesterday.

Since the arrest, Romo has been finishing his senior year of Highland Park High School from his house, rarely going outside, said civil attorney Mark Senter. Baseball scholarship offers for Romo dried up following the arrest, Senter said, as did any prospect of  professional baseball career.

“This is akin to the kids who were seniors in New Orleans when Katrina came through…it’s a horrible setback,” he said.

During the polygraph Romo was asked about his intent, what was said in the backseat of the Tahoe, and what was done. He passed “with flying colors,” Senter said.

When asked whether the alleged victim was lying, Senter responded, “I believe her version of what transpired in the back seat is not accurate.” He would not comment on a possible civil lawsuit by the Romo family, saying only “we have not considered any civil litigation at this point.”


  • Marisa

    Soooooo, now it is time for the victim to be charged? These young lives are in shambles…let this case die.

  • tommy

    if she lied then she should be charged same as him

  • Edward

    This is REALLY just like when Katrina came through New Orleans?

    I could think of a lot of comparisons to make in this case, but putting Mr. Romo in the same boat as kids whose lives were almost destroyed by something not of their own doing and over which they had zero control over is completely off the mark.

  • RLS

    This post may take the prize as the single most moronic post in the history of the FrontBurner blog. And that’s saying something.

    Lemme get this right.

    An accused perpetrator submits to a polygraph administered by a chosen operator — and passes. (Surprise, surprise.). The accused attorney then produces the results for the D Magazine staff and together with aspersions as to the veracity of the alleged victim.

    And five paragraphs is ensuingly given to a FrontBurner blog item that serves as a quasi-advertisement for the accused?

    I have no idea as to the details of the facts of this case. I have no idea as to who is the victim and who is being victimized.

    But to allow this blog to serve as the mouthpiece to complicity serve as the forum for unarguably self-serving public posturing by an involved party is simply brain damaged.

    • Avid Reader

      While I agree that if this was the only piece that had been done on the entire situation, you would be pretty much spot on. However, Frontburner as well as the PC People blogs have been doing pretty much a center of the line factual reporting of everything that has gone down even to the point of knocking apart a former co-workers postings on the very same subject that came across as victim blaming. So they were the first one’s approached (or able to get access) with the factual news of the day along with what one side put out in response. Are they not supposed to report on that because it includes one of the side’s opinions and lawyery lawyer talk from their lawyer? If anything posting this thread after the many previous ones just goes to show they are getting all angles.

      Have you been reading the stor[ies]? You have no frame of reference here. You’re like a child who wanders into the middle of a movie and wants to know…