Hundreds of People Are Trying to Unload Their Personal Seat Licenses at Cowboys Stadium, Including One For the Low, Low Price of $200,000

Prompted by this New York Post story today about unhappy Jets fans selling off their personal seat licenses, I headed to to see what the scene was like at Cowboys Stadium. The result: lots of people, trying to sell lots of seats.

Like this one:

Amenities – Best sightlines in the stadium – Roomier, cushioned seats – Access to the Field Level Club – Private, exclusive Founders Club – All-inclusive food & Beverage – Complimentary, reserved VIP parking – Opportunity to purchase seats to all other events – Exclusive invitation to team events Have a friend that would like to sell her seat which is right next to mine. We bought 2 seats as a couple. These seats are a part of the founders club, which means you receive high incentives & benefits. Like 1. your own VIP Parking with your name on it. 2. 4 meals free prior to game and all during game. 3. Free Alcoholic beverages 4. Complimentary on field passes and much more….

That one goes for an asking price of $200,000, plus an additional $113,157.79 in debt. Reminder that this is for one seat, and doesn’t include the actual price of any tickets.

Or this one, which makes the previous one look like a steal, since it’s only $300,000 for eight seats:

We have 8 seats (4) in section C310 Row 4 seats 15-18 & (4) in section C310 Row 5 seats 18-21 asking $37,500 each for seat option. They are on the 50 yard line and are aisle seats. These seats come with Miller Lite access to the team tunnel to see players coming in and off the field. This listing is for season 2013

The Miller Lite tunnel! Huzzah!

I understand the PSL game is a money-making venture for many people. One that can pay off huge. But it’s also fair to say that the number of licenses for sale probably wouldn’t be quite as high if the Cowboys were even making the playoffs.