How To Go Straight to Hell: Desecrate Joanie’s Memorial in the City Tavern

Joanie Underwood was a regular at downtown’s City Tavern. And when I say “regular,” I mean regular. She didn’t go in twice a day every day, but most days she’s did. Once at lunch. Then she’d go home to warm up, as a bartender told me today, and return in the evening. She had her own glass, a green goblet from which she drank white wine (I think it was white but it could have been rosé). I never talked to Joanie, but as a much-less-regular regular of the City Tavern, I espied her regularly, always in the same seat at the bar. So when Joanie died, they glued her green goblet to the bar top, a fitting memorial. Except today when I went in for lunch, I learned that on a recent Thursday night some “drunk-ass 2o-something-year-old punk” intentionally broke the glass at its stem. He was summarily tossed out. To the punk I say: I hope you enjoy boiling pitch and the taunts of devils. Ya bastard.


  • Jessie States

    Wow. Good luck to this ass next time he shows his face anywhere in downtown or DE.

  • Barlas Yüce

    That is very sad. Joanie was a great lady, and had such energy.. she would probably have some choice words for the guy..

  • Caroline’s UrbanLiving

    Joanie, the original Urban Ambassador, was and still is loved by all! This punk better hope he NEVER runs into this Urban Girl! The goblet may be broken, but Joanie will forever rule Downtown Dallas.