How Irving, Texas, Accidentally Screwed Up The New York Date of Archer Live!

I am a big fan of FX’s Archer. If you’ve seen it, you probably are as well. Recently, the cast has been on tour, doing a live version of the show. A few days ago, they performed at Irving Plaza in New York. As part of the show, they had been firing Archer t-shirts into the crowd with a t-shirt cannon, without a doubt the best modern invention. But there was a problem.

Speaking of the cannons, Matt Thompson had ordered special Archer shirts for the New York date, but instead of the distributors mailing them to Irving Plaza, where the event took place, they were sent to Irving, Texas, so the clothing fired into the crowd was blank. To make amends, Thompson said that anyone who caught one could come backstage after the show and have their prize signed by the entire cast.

(Did I find a flimsy excuse to post about Archer? I did. Season four premieres on Thursday.)


  • Cody Shawver

    I blame scatterbrained Jane.

  • Neal K

    You have a certain thickness about you that I find appealing.