Glenn Beck Calls Alex Jones a ‘Crazy Person’

On Monday night, Dallas-bred, Austin-based Alex Jones appeared on Piers Morgan’s CNN show, and left as the butt of nearly every joke the next morning. On Tuesday, Glenn Beck took to his own channel to dispute the idea that Jones is the right person to represent the conservative viewpoint on guns:

Piers Morgan is trying to have gun control. He is trying to make everybody who has guns and who believes in the Second Amendment to be a deterrent to an out-of-control government look like a madman. So now he immediately books the madman and makes him look like a conservative. He’s not a conservative.

Both of them are using the First Amendment here as a means to their own end: Jones to push his websites, Beck to push his own, relaunched The Blaze. But we’re all stuck in the crossfire.


  • Sara Servalis

    The 2nd Amendment, Batman Shooting & High Fructose Corn Syrup

  • Ryan

    And I wouldn’t, in a million years, call Beck an actual conservative. That Zionist blowtard can go to hell and stay there, considering he loves to use the same conspiracy tactics that Alex Jones uses

  • Ryan

    And I wouldn’t, in a million years, call Beck an actual conservative. That Zionist blowtard can go to hell and stay there, considering he loves to use the same conspiracy tactics that Alex Jones uses

  • Everlasting Phelps

    Obviously the only reasonable solution is speech control, the 1st amendment be damned. Freedom of the press was for broadsheets, not the sort of high-capacity mass media we have now. The founders couldn’t have conceived of cable television and websites. How can the 1st amendment cover that?

    That’s how this game works, right?

    • Waffle Iron Baby

      We do have speech control. There are various laws at city, state and federal levels against obscenity, indecency and profanity.

  • Nobody


  • David Kephart

    Now this is a White House Petition worth supporting “Take Alex Jones’ guns away until he passes a mental health exam”
    It’s still under the 150 signature threshold before it goes live on the White House site, but it should be there soon.

  • David Kephart

    Now here’s a White House Petition worth signing “Take Alex Jones’ guns away until he passes a mental health examination.”

  • Jacob Ott

    Sign this new petition to get a national day of mourning declared every time Alex Jones speaks publicly.

  • Neal K

    “we’re all stuck in the crossfire.”

    They don’t exist if we don’t talk about them. The same is true of Piers Morgan, who is equally repugnant, and unlike Jones and Beck is probably an actual criminal.

  • Someone

    If Glenn Beck calls you crazy, you need help.

  • Ryan Laniel

    Beck on Alex Jones “insignificant, psycho, liar, mad man, fat moron, fascist, compared him to the devil, not for the constitution, deceitful, raving lunatic, self promoter… Why doesnt Beck look in the mirror before he tries to cast the 1st stone. Keep running your Tax resolution commercials to spread apathy in Americans to compromise their rights to private property and government theft, you statist!

  • Jay S.

    No-one knows crazy like Glenn Beck.

  • Joyce Paul

    I don’t know. But what I do know is that Glenn Beck is a liar. Stating first he doesn’t know about Piers Morgan and what network he works for in the beginning. But by the end of the segment is telling his viewers and listeners how Piers is a liar and works for CNN as now he knows some much about him within 7 minutes.

    • Joe Blowder

      Well caught, Joyce.

  • Bob Hodges

    Does anyone in their right mind even give a tiny tiny rats ass what any of these freaks says? Oh come on they’re simply ridiculous creatures fit only for mockery and dismissal.

  • Avrohom

    Why all the gossip ? Agreed Alex Jones appeared to be luny for sure;no question about it, but people DO listen to him, and the questions he asks are viable! I saw a Youtube followup where he gives “context” to the manipulation he received prior to the show. I have been subject to just such duplicitious police harassment, I know it’s true! It indeed reflected an ineptitude on his part for sure! Frankly it was surprising I thought he was more savvy, but you know while disappointing, his sentiments are viable just the same, even if his presentation was albeit sloppy.

  • Mike Speedie

    There is already speech control. Have you heard of not being allowed to yell “FIRE” in a crowded theatre?

  • James

    Glenn Beck is an absolute idiot. He talks about propaganda… could there be anything more hypocritical? I think not. Piers Morgan is a much brighter, sensible, and all around better person than Glenn Beck’s dumb ass.

  • James

    Glenn beck is an idiot. He talks about propaganda, as if it’s not what he delivers to his idiot followers each day… Piers Morgan is much brighter, much more sensible, and is over all a much better journalist, and human being than this idiot Glenn Beck. Piers Morgan displays compassion to ALL people, whereas Glenn Beck deceives gullible, ignorant Americans to question the rest of the world, and insist they can do no wrong. Glenn Beck should be taken off the air. Complete idiot and bigot.

    • Joe Blowder

      You’ve got to be kidding me about Piers Morgan. lol

    • Avid Reader

      Piers is the same kind of huckster that Glenn is just on the opposite side of the spectrum.

  • Joe Blowder

    Glenn Beck, dude, you’re just pissed off because no one cares about you anymore.

  • Everlasting Phelps

    Right, since we have the speech equivalent of not spraying bullets into a crowded movie theater, obviously we should have the firearms equivalent of banning ball-point pens and xerox machines.

  • jack