Gaga Fans Camp Out For Chance to Get in the Pit

Lady Gaga, during her 2011 stop in Dallas. Photo: Tiffany Lane

A group of die-hard Lady Gaga fans have planted themselves outside of the American Airlines Center, waiting for their chance to earn a spot in the pit for Tuesday’s show. They started arriving at 4 a.m. Sunday, and will stay until 10 a.m. Tuesday. From Pegasus News:

Another passionate fan, Brandan Gonzales, 19, set up shop at 2 p.m. with his concert outfit in tow. Inside his bag were 3” heels — shoes he says he wears whenever he wants (but especially at Lady Gaga and Madonna concerts).

“I don’t believe in gender-specific clothes; I like to express myself differently,” said Gonzales.

The fans better hope Tuesday’s severe storms hold off long enough to get their wristbands.


  • Dubious Brother

    Walked the KT this morning and noticed between 30 and 40 18 wheelers in the AA parking lot presumably with the concert stuff. That’s a lot of costumes.