Friday Fun: The Warming Edition

It hasn’t snowed in what, like three days? And it’s supposed to be in the sixties this weekend? Let’s all be thankful we live in a city where we can run in shorts for the entire year. Today’s game is Sun Stories, which requires both dexterity and keyboard skills.

Today’s soundtrack: Miguel “Candles in the Sun;” Empire of the Sun, “Walking on a Dream;” Best Coast, “When the Sun Don’t Shine;” Fungi Girls, “Sun Blues;” or Tommy Keene’s “Driving Into the Sun.”


  • mynameisbill

    The Sun warms my skin
    It brightens my soul
    Lazing under her illuminating beauty
    My aches no longer pay a toll
    For the master’s garden this body has been toiling in
    Today, though, all is shining from without and within…

    Keep smiling, and toss back a few for me, too! L’chaim 🙂