Friday Fun: College Mascot Edition

It is an indisputable fact that the greatest mascot in college sports is the Saint Joseph’s Hawk. Majestic, well-winged, and slightly molting, the mascot of my college years puts all the rest to shame. (Watch that video and tell me otherwise.) Today’s Friday Fun game is a college mascot quiz, which allowed me that personal tangent. I got 42 out of 47, good enough for the 93rd percentile.

Soundtracking today’s Fun are bands or songs with mascots in the titles: Drive-By Truckers’ “Where The [Arizona State Sun] Devil Don’t Stay,” Neil Young’s “Like a [University of Miami] Hurricane,” or [University of Richmond] Spider Bags’ “Que Viva El Rock and Roll.”


  • D Boon Pickens

    1,000,000 bonus points for posting any D. Boon song.