Friday Fun: Broken-Down Car Edition

My car broke down this morning, so you’ll excuse me if this edition of Friday Fun is more an opportunity for me to vent through music. Today’s game is Redline Rumble Revolution, and it lets you drive vehicles that actually work and don’t require bi-annual “Just tell me to get a new car finally” trips to the mechanic.

You should probably just listen to the Springsteen track above on loop, but if that isn’t of interest: Tom Waits “Ol’ 55“; The Cramps “Route 66“; David Bowie “Always Crashing in the Same Car“; or Merle Haggard “Long Black Limousine.”


  • Glenn Hunter

    Brad, because you linked to the Haggard song, you will be able to deduct 10 points from your East Coast heritage record and add those 10 points, plus a bonus of 75 extra points, to your Texan credentials.

    • BradfordPearson

      I’ll take it.