Former Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert Takes Job With Kaplan Inc.

“Hand me an emery board.”

Former Dallas mayor and U.S. Senate hopeful Tom Leppert has accepted a position with education company Kaplan, the Morning News reports. Leppert will become president of the New York-based company, but remain in Dallas. The multi-billion dollar company is owned by the Washington Post Company, and has its fingers in everything from standardized test prep to online courses to law. It’s most recent evaluation was $2.5 billion.

“I had a couple of opportunities that would have been nice, interesting positions,” he told the paper. “But there was nothing out of the ordinary, nothing where you woke up and said, ‘Wow, let’s get to work!’”

Possibilities for those nice, interesting positions:

hand model
shirt model


  • Jon

    The CEO for Turner Construction Company appointed in 1999, was Tom Leppert who rigged the World Trade Center for demolition before 9-11.