Fake Fire Marshal Arrested at Grapevine Bar

Charles Brandon. Photo: Grapevine Police

A Denton County man was arrested over the weekend for posing as a fire marshal to avoid a bar cover charge and receive free drinks, the Star-Telegram reports. According to the paper, Charles Brandon, 33, faces a charge of public intoxication and impersonating a public servant after pretending to be a fire marshal on New Year’s Eve at Glass Cactus, a nightclub at the Gaylord Texan.

“Grapevine’s fire marshal was there that night when someone said that there was another Grapevine fire marshal already there,” Grapevine police officer Sam Shemwell told the paper. “The city’s fire marshal found him, contacted him, and asked him about it. He said at the time that they just misunderstood him and that he never said he was from Grapevine. He said he was from Dallas County and showed a badge. The real fire marshal was so busy that once he saw the badge, he just went on with his work that night.”

This past Sunday, another fire marshal was at the club when “Glass Cactus employees told the fire official that the ‘other’ fire marshal was also at the bar.” Brandon was subsequently arrested and charged. A few things:

1. 33? 33 years old?
2. If you were a bartender, wouldn’t you be concerned that a fire marshal was asking for free drinks?
3. Bud Heavy, right? He looks like a Bud Heavy guy, or maybe rail whiskey.


  • Liz Johnstone

    No way this guy is 33.

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    Fake George Dunham

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    “Faces of Jack & Coke”

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