Denton Group Launches Website Revealing Autopsy Photos of Women Who Died During Abortion Procedures

From an email from, a site dedicated to showcasing the dangers of abortion:

When 18-year-old Marla Cardamone was killed having an abortion, her mother, Deborah, vowed that she would never let her daughter be forgotten.  Then, late last year, she approached [Life Dynamics president Mark] Crutcher and asked him to help her show the public the risks women face when they submit to abortions.

Head to the site at your own risk. The autopsy photos aren’t on the front page (you have to click through on a link that says “to see autopsy photos of Marla,” so you know what you’re getting into). I, in sum, wouldn’t recommend looking at them. Nightmare central. In their own words:

Click below to see what she looked like a few hours later at the local coroner’s office. And we warn you, what you are about to witness is not pretty. These images are ugly, disturbing and not appropriate for all audiences. They are also images the “pro-choice” lobby never intended for you to see.

Only one quick comment, because it’s Friday and this is wildly depressing: what’s the legality on this? On posting naked photos of a dead body, clearly without the (dead) woman’s consent?


  • jmckee

    Thank God giving birth is so safe, I mean 154 deaths over a unnamed time period is outrageous when you probably won’t be one of the hundreds and hundreds of woman that die giving birth in the US every year.

  • MariaB

    Shows real respect for women, doesn’t it?

  • terafied

    Dead people don’t have privacy rights; her mother supplied the autopsy photos. But as Jmckee said below, do they really want to discuss deaths by medical mistake, or through unforeseen complications? These people are so myopic as to be insane.

  • Dubious Brother

    Under reporting the number of deaths attributed to having an abortion seems to be their point. The 154 deaths should have been included but weren’t. That does not represent the total. The industry has a vested interest in hiding the real number of deaths.
    One thing for sure, the death rate for the babies is 100% and the fact that they are discarded as medical waste is a pretty good indication of the value of a human life to the abortion industry.