David Hopkins On Retiring Derek Harper’s No. 12

I’ve always thought it kind of ridiculous that the Mavericks have only honored Brad Davis (15) and Rolando Blackman (22) by putting their numbers up in the rafters. Regular D Magazine contributor David Hopkins makes the case on The Two Man Game for adding Derek Harper’s No. 12.

So, why Derek Harper? A player who never played in an All-Star game, a player who wasn’t even the Mavs’ top draft pick in 1983, and a player who is often remembered for his terrible rookie error in the 1984 playoffs when he dribbled out the clock sending the game against the Lakers into overtime. If this is all you see, you’re missing one of the most important players to shape the culture and legacy of the ‘80s Mavs, one of the most dedicated and proud Mavericks (during a time when being a Maverick wasn’t always a point of pride), and yes, the greatest point guard for this franchise.


  • D. Harper

    Derek is here.

  • Tim Rogers

    Does that mean you’re taking questions? Okay, here’s one: how often do you still play? Follow-up question: what’s your “old man move”? Every player, even rec-leaguers, have to develop one as they age and lose their hops. Curious if you’ve got one.