Dallas Stars Working on ‘Drastically Different’ Uniforms, Will Keep Green As Dominant Color

Spend two months on the job, never write about the Stars. Come in today, write about them twice. Aight. The Morning News reported the other day that Stars are cooking up some new jersey schemes, with three key points:

1. They are drastically different from the current look.

2. There will be a new logo.

3. Green is the dominant color.

They’re supposed to be ready for next season, but could be pushed to 2014-15. Some reaction from SportsLogos.net, with cute Canadian spelling intact:

If true, I’m very glad they’re retaining green as the main colour — earlier rumours suggested the club was considering a switch to red, white, and blue which would have been a nightmare. Nothing worse than taking a unique, good-looking colour scheme (with history of championships) and swapping it for one used by several other teams already in the league. Not to mention the fact that “stars” would be incorporated into the design making it just another Washington Capitals or NHL All-Star Game uniform.


  • jimmyjam

    Anyone else want to rename the team the Lone Stars? Fits with the Rangers/Mavericks/Cowboys theme a little better eh? WHO’S WITH ME!!

    • Bradford

      You’re an idiot. And please return this team’s color to kelly green.

  • Mark Jones

    Wow great .. It is good news for team player to wear different uniforms while playing the game.