Dallas Man Wants All of Us — Including Venus-born Women — to Go to Mars

Source: The Mars Initiative

(Excuse the headline. Tim was just talking about a Sex, Lies and Videotape headline in another publication, and I wanted something equally dated.)

Mars, man. What an idea. Ditch this lame old planet, set up shop on a whole new one. Destroy that one, then head on to Uranus or something equally funny.

Dallas resident Mina Mukhar wants to make that happen. Well, not him exactly. Scientists, people with big brains. Mukhar is just hoping to be the funding mechanism. He launched the Mars Initiative to help propel the work of aerospace engineer and Mars Society founder Robert Zubrin, who grew tired of the lack of government funding and hung out his own shingle.

To Digital Journal:

 I felt that I had a duty and a sincere obligation to myself and to humanity at large to use my knowledge, that I feel so privileged to have, in an attempt to do something great to remedy this horrific situation — to live a life of true purpose – and to hopefully help to convert my dreams, everyone’s dreams, and everyone’s passion for space and space exploration into a true reality.”

So far, he’s raised $1,727.10, which is probably about enough to buy a couple of those freeze-dried ice cream sandwiches. At least he’s honest. If you’d like to help fund the future of the world, head to the Mars Initiative.


  • mdunlap1

    Is this guy any relation to that guy using a fictitious German online persona to advocate for the renaming of Klyde Warren Park?

    Dallas is apparently very, very bored lately.