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Dallas Business Journal, Like Stalin, Attempts To Erase Its Enemies From the Public Record


A very alert FrontBurnervian lets us know that the new Book of Lists from the Dallas Business Journal has been loosed on our fair burg. Its cover features a cool digital illustration called “Planet Klyde,” by their art director, Michael Samples. According to the publisher’s note, Samples created the illustration by stitching together 42 images taken from the middle of Klyde Warren Park and one taken from the penthouse balcony of Museum Tower. To Samples I say, “Jolly good show, ol’ chap! Nice work!” And then I say, “Was it your idea to photoshop the D logo off our building, or was that a directive that came from your publisher, Tracy Merzi?” And then, as Samples is trying to stammer out an answer, I say, “Boom, roasted!” At which point I follow up with a taunt: “Are you that scared of us? Do you feel so threatened by the awesomeness of the D logo and all that it stands for, the hard-hitting journalism leavened by life-altering reader service, that you couldn’t print it on your list thingy? Because if you do feel that way, we understand. And we forgive you. Here’s hoping that you can crawl your way out of the basement of Chateau Plaza and one day get your own logo on a building someplace where people can see it.” And then I throw my head back and laugh a throaty, evil laugh that quickly deteriorates into a meaty, hacking cough because I’m still fighting off this nasty bug that’s going around.