• mynameisbill

    Benjamin Rountree, you got your “the majority of the US didn’t vote for u” presidents wrong. That was George W. Bush, not Barack Obama.

  • Margaux Anbouba

    There are so many political statues on Facebook/Twitter currently – my favorites are when people forget there are two forms of the word “bear/bare” and are SO ANGRY that Obama isn’t going to let them wear sleeveless shirts! ARG!

  • Jim Schermbeck

    This was kind of predictable, no? More interesting would be actual Dallas residents playing against the type, of which there are plenty these days….

  • John

    Hmmn, two posts in a row now on your personal hobbyhorse. Look, I know it’s difficult for the young sometimes to see that their burning individual passions and what the public at large should think is important aren’t always identical. Maybe this will help you to at least get back to focusing on Dallas and Texas items.

    In a blind British taste test, Waco’s Balcones Distillery beat out Macallan, Balvenie and seven others with the best single-malt Scotch released in 2012:

    Waco single-malt Scotch. Best in 2012.

  • Tony Johnson

    Really? I just read the legislation. President Obama is not taking anyone’s gun away. Where was this anger when Bush unleashed the Patriot Act?.. .which trampled on the privacy of American citizens? There are plenty of people in Texas and Dallas that are reasonable and intelligent who don’t fall for the fear-mongering of the NRA and far right nutjobs.

  • BeccaLyn

    Amen Tony. I wish these people stood up and complained about the Patriot Act. Or did they just assume that their good old boy from Texas was taking care of them?

    • Sarah

      Don’t you know liberals ruin everything? They have no one’s best interest at heart, ever. Conservatives are religious, which means they are always thinking about the greater good and protecting all of us.

    • Avid Reader

      The Patriot Act? You mean the one that Obama re-upped and expanded? That one? Still filled with rage about that now that you are aware that a liberal president is infringing further on your rights than big bad Bush?

  • Patsy Ann Bell

    Oh my goodness… I got stuck on the words “anti-colonial agenda”. Stupefying.

  • Avid Reader

    I love political statues.

  • Tim Rogers

    Bradford, your giving voice to random (if proximate) Twitter users reminds me of Kourtney Barnes on “Weekend Update.”

  • Tony Johnson

    Oh believe me, I’m well aware that President Obama has continued Bush’s partriot act assault. I’m a true independent..I don’t agree with everything Obama has done, unlike these idiots in Dallas who still try to convince themselves that Bush was a good president. You remember Bush right, you know.. the president that republicans now act as if he never existed….Yeah he was that bad. However, as soon as these far right lunatics start talking and overrunning the GOP, Obama looked better and better.

  • Paul

    Pearson, another day, another post sneering at the politics, culture and beliefs of typical Texans. You’re welcome to stay of course, or to pack your carpet bags and snipe from New York.

    • BradfordPearson

      Paul, in my experience there are plenty of Texans who snipe at the politics, culture, and beliefs of typical Texans, too.

    • blue pencil

      Actually, seeing as Dallas was a bright blue, Democratic-liberal spot on the red voting map of Texas this past election, Pearson fits right in here.

    • Avid Reader

      Give him a break, he’s been holding in all these posts in while working over at the more conservative PC People. I like the wider net Bradford is casting.

    • CSP

      That being said, this would be an excellent piece for Mr. Pearson to put in his portfolio for his inevitable application for an editorial position at Gawker Media. He’s got that whole snarky making fun of dumbass red-staters schtick down.