Dallas-area Members of Congress Get Gun Lobby Money, But Probably Not as Much as You’d Expect

Source: Slate

Slate and the New America Foundation have put together an interactive map of all House of Representatives members, color-coded to represent the amount of money each rep took from the gun lobby in the last election. As for Dallas-area reps:

– Sam Johnson (3rd District), $4,000
– Ralph Hall (4th District), $1,000
– Jeb Hensarling (5th District), $6,500
– Joe Barton (6th District) $0
– Kay Granger (12th District), $9,700
– Mac Thornberry (13th District) $5,400
– Kenny Marchant (24th District), $2,500
– Eddie Johnson (30th District), $0
– Pete Sessions (32nd District), $7,950
– Marc Veasey (33rd District), $0

If you take a look at the Slate map, none of the Dallas-Fort Worth area reps come close to the highest amount of gun-lobby cash. In Texas, that would go to Steve Stockman (36th District), who hauled in $19,449. And that amount looks like peanuts compared to the top two: John Boehner ($48,575) and Michelle Bachmann ($28,822).


  • Gary Tardino


  • Avid Reader

    Wow, a legal group used their money exactly how it is proposed to be used. News, I guess. Makes it seem like the gun lobby is really powerful. Didn’t notice in the article where they note that the gun lobby isn’t even in the top 100 congressional donating special interest groups.

  • helentrent

    or maybe it means that you can buy these people really cheap